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This morning I fell asleep in the subway. And travelled round the line 2. I think I was asleep for an hour ):

I hope there will be no ” sleepin foreign girl” videos in naver. 



Just saw my first red light district ever.

Abd it is on my way to work.. just never walked past by it this late.

Funny thing is that this is one of thise really fancy neighborhoods.



So I was out yesterday with friends and we went to a couple of clubs in Gangnam. Five girls haha.

We also went to Mass and it was soo crowded as usual. But suddenly one of my friends who work there took my hand and put a Mass VIP- bracelet  on me….

VIP TIME OH YEAAAHHH. So I went to the VIP area of course and found out that the reason he gave me the bracelet was because he was bored in VIP area and wanted to dance with me and learn from me hehe. But VIP area is far nicer haha.(Usually they they take me there if they want to give me a drink. I mean my friends who work there :) 

But I spent the day dancing and fooling around with people who work there. ^^ 

And BF finished his work at 5 and came to Gangnam just to wait an hour before I go home in order to go home with me and eat breakfast in Lotteria… <3 Sweet.



I umm.. last night was weird.

I also have acquired a boyfriend. 

I.. say what??

Anonymous said: Hey no offense but you Don't seem to be close or to hang out with any korea bloggers why?

haha it is true that I do not hang out with them, but I am close with and I know many of them :) But lately I have not been seing them much yes.

But I have different circles of friends who usually take all of my time so I am usually busy when they meet :) I used to meet them more but now I am too wrapped around my korean friends actually ):

Have to meet the other bloggers more haha.

Anonymous said: is it difficult for a foreigner to be sponsored in seoul if they're working in a non teaching job? do you know if there are any other ways to obtain a work permit without sponsorship? thanks :*

I do not know as I do not have a working visa :) I do not need to be sponsored and I am not a teacher .__.  Perhaps immigration office could help? 



I am on subway and the guy sitting opposite of me first picked his nose thoroughly, used same fingers to pop a pimple on his cheeck.. and how he is picking his teeth? His fingers are in his mouth.

He even rolled the snot between his fingers.


I am so disgusted.



Why is it that when you talk with someone and are unable to see them or talk for a long while, you end up missing them more..?

Like you were kind of okay before but now… you just got reminded that you really really like them and miss them.



First my friend in the army wrote to me in facebook and then even called me ♥

Why do i have friends who treat me better than my boyfriends…?



So 22th was my birthday and now i am in a bar at 6am…

With the two best friends of my ex who came to 건대 to see me (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥) and two other friends who spent my birthday with me.

I am so blessed with friends like this. Really. ♥ so thankful that these koreans treat me as a korean and their friend instead of the strange foreigner.

I really do love these people as they welcome me to their life so readily!!!

aikaero-6h said: Hyvää syntymäpäivää! Happy birthday! :)

Thank you¨~~!




I have a friend who I have know for a long time but not really.. umm.. been close to?

We started talking on facebook a while back and been talking daily. Then his vacation from army came and he came here to seoul.

So then I met with him and we grew really close. And then met many times more during this time. 

We met today and he gave me a cake as my birthday is on tuesday but his vacation ends tomorrow. 

Like.. I feel so comfortable with him. Just comfortable. We might hold hands while walking or hug or talk about watching porn(?????) or about everything.. :D

We spent one hour and 30 minutes on phone today. :D

I like making new friends~



I was feeling bad the whole day so I threw up ): Like earlier. 

And now I heard someone else in my apartment building throwing up. Loudly. 

Like in a way that it sounds like she is puking her guts out and wants to die.

At least I am not alone and she sounds so much worse off than me.

So yesterday I was having fun with the boys while I suddenly felt someone hitting me. Not like raarrgghhh i will punch you but more like push me on my head haha. I was in Ho bar and my boys tended to that a lot to tease me so I ignored it.

Well it was repeated and when I turned to look, it was Baby with irritated face because I ignored him for so long :D So he proceed to hit me once more and then run out. (There are two ho bars in that building and he works in the downer one.)

So then I proceeded to bother him in the downer one and had a blast haha. 




Yesterday I had a bowling outing for all the workers of Hard Rock Cafe Seoul.

I went there, as sick as I was, and it was awesome. I have excellent work mates!! Foreigners, koreans…

And my supervisors are just awesome~ laid back!

So i was really happy ^^

I also have a bright pink hard rock cafe seoul t-shirt….