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I have just had what is one of the most bizarre, hilarious, and insane hour-and-a-bit of my LIFE.


Ann and I went to see “Mister Show” as I had free tickets given to me by the woman who now runs the tanning salon I go to. There was a poster there for the salon, so I assume…

This experience changed me to my very core. By a. making my abs better due to non stop laughing and b. showing me things that cannot be unseen.


Best thing I’ve read in ages. Thank you for sharing such a glorious tale.

I’m so glad this popped up again on my feed. Because my very sophisticated former desk editor did go see. And told me that I needed to go see it with my friends.

But to be sure and drink a bit before we go so we can really get into it.

This is the singular most important post I have ever reblogged. 

I want to go! XD Hahaha.

So we will actually have a train trip across South Korea, but it also includes trip to DMZ and then the South Korean factory in North Korea. Like.. Oh my gosh. And it will be 4 days, and cost me only 50000 korean won as Starbucks is financing it. 

We will also sleep in military camp and be provided food and accommodations.

Whaatt? Starbucks approves of trips to North Korea?

So… I will go to North Korea in July

hahaha. We will go to North Korea in July… with my school. 

Have I told you how much I love my school? 



Hahaha stole my friends glasses last night ;)

Hahaha stole my friends glasses last night ;)



Oh waaiiiittt.

One of the Cocoon guards studied in Canada for 10 years and now we are fighting in facebook. Over me buying him dinner.

Noooope not so gonna happeeeeeeen noooooo. my moneyyyyyyyyyyyy

I hate them guards really. :DD It kind of ruins you when the scariest one of them acts like a baby with his girlfriend(my closest eonni :D) and then this one makes fun of you like 100% of the time.And then gushes about the hot girls in cocoon. 

Guys really? :D

So.. I went out last night in my nice black pants, my black and white high collar shirt, (tucked in to my pants of course!), black shoes and my long nice jacket. (Umm.. long and loose. Long as in to my knees and loose as in loooseee. Its a style here). And I realized. I looked exactly like a classic Hongdae girl.

OH ffuuuuuuuuu. My style where has thou gone? Come back! Soon I will be wearing one those crazy moomin hats DDD: Noooooooo. 

I managed to resist buying those nice leather boots atleast right?

SO most of the time now I do not notice if someone stares at me because I am a foreigner or anything.

But when I put an hour to do my make up and stand outside Hongdae Station Exit 9 and accidentantly smile at a guy walking past me(I was texting my friend and looked up as he passed me :D) and he almost stops and then continues to look at me while walking past.. and continues to look back while his friend drags him away..

It makes you feel pretty good :D The magical power of smile.

But it really was funny :DD His friend was really trying to make him walk faster :D D

But I do love how in Korea they notice your make up. Like I put on make up and my guy friends all comment of it :) “Oooh why so pretty today?” “Did you have a date?” “Why make up?” “ooooh ;)” Girls do it too in Finland but never the guys haha.

seoulfernweh asked: Hey dear :D I've got a question regarding health insurances in Korea. I don't know if you can help me, but here it is~ I will be studying in Korea from August this year and I don't know what kind of insurances Korea offers for foreigners. Of course I could contract an international insurance from my home country...but I would feel more secure to actually have an insurance in Korea. Or do you know if Universities offer any insurances for their foreign students? Any help would be appreciated <3 <3

Umm.. well I do know that my Hanyang university offers them(Like I have it know :) but some universities don’t.. I think it is mandatory to have an insurance and usually if you do not have international one, you have to apply directly to the korean one. But you need to contact your school directly as I can only speak for Hanyang and Sungkyunkwan universities :)

I hope you have a great time here in Seoul and hope to see you~!! 



So last night, I went to a club with my good friend who happens to be good looking, tallish and good dancer.

I left him alone for a moment to go see other friends who also happened to be there…

And when I came back, I noticed a girl near my friend but thought nothing of it. Just said hi to him and started dancing near him. I noticed him moving to dance next to me, but that is rather normal. So again thought nothing of it.

Until I felt a girl push me away and come stand between me and my friend and put her hand on his shoulder and look at me smugly. And cue my friend just trying to dance and ignore her, but she not noticing it haha. He did move twice but she persisted. It was the girl I noticed earlier :D

But I looove how she pushed me away and then was sooo smug.Well until my friend told her to really go away and came to dance next to me and whine to me.

But I have never been pushed away :D So. So so. Wtf? hahahaha. 

I was dying of laughter :D It was hilarious My friend did not appreciate that I did not help him heehee.



i am in the subway and we have a family from the stone age ㅋㅋㅋㅋ they are so funny haha.

They are advertising a stone age festival but just now they were cutting their hair with rock and introducing themself to me ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

We have cameras here and everything. And everyone on the subway was dying of laughter as they introduced themselves and were inspecting the subway ㅋㅋㅋ



My dad just had a surgery few days ago. I actually did not know about it.. 

But I got this strange feeling and I messaged him on the day he got the surgery. During he was getting it. 

Pretty scary stuff, how sometimes you get those feelings.. 

But so. I do not know what to write. 

I hang out with my friends, consume far too much alcohol for my good, do school stuff and stumble around on my still-hurting-leg. 

I also like someone. Or two someones. Who are friends. Life is pretty strange right?? 

But yeah on Saturday I went to the club and went out to drink with my friends.. and I managed to stumble of a drinking party for a friend of my friend who was leaving for army. = Much alcohol was consumed during that day. 

I also managed to get close with a friend I have seen many times but never really talked. And then I heard that he would leave for army next month. Shitdamshit. Oh well, friend!



So now I am part of the cool group that dances in front of the bar and are all nice and cool looking and intimidating…

and grind against eachothers. Yeah. Guys really?? I have never seen so many guys dry hump a pole.. together at the same time. Or a guy get lifted up in the air to get humped. 

It is also dangerous to dance slowly in a waveis thing to the music… you might get sandwiched. Might be girls, might be guys. 

I just cant. GUYS WHAAT. 

And one of them likes to do this wave thing while having his mouth open and kind of bite his lips and he is tall and actually really good looking.

Daammmmnnn. We girls literally always just stand there staring at him haha. But he is such a dork.

But so rest of the time they do this awesome massdance or the mix of it which is far more bouncy. :D They are really gooooooodd.

Then they decide on a victim and start slapping his butt. Like wait what?





Sorry, I had to reblog this.

I laughed out loud.



Sorry, I had to reblog this.

I laughed out loud.

(Source: myasianboyfriends)



So… Me and my friend are great.

We were trying to exchange numbers..
and after he wrote his number on my phone, I dropped it. And ut was in pieces.

So then I put my number in his phone..

and he dropped it too.

We failed.


During our korean class, the chinese guy bought everyone strawberries, drinks and doughnots

"For no reason"

We be scary.